Piaçaguera Adventure Tourism Operator

"Piaçaguera" was the name given by the Indians to the oldest road that led them from the plateau to the coastal plain into the Atlantic rainforest. Piaçaguera has emerged four years ago to offer a tourist receptive to the Atlantic Rainforest in the southeastern region of Brazil. 


Adventure Tour Guide since 1999.

Kayak, Canoe and Va'a Instructor since 2000.

Environmental Technician.

Assistant Seaman Deck.

Adventure Diver.



Atlantic Rainforest Guide & Navigance Instructor.


Our guide knows every rock on the southeastern coast of Brazil because he has already done a solo expedition paddling for 370 nautical miles. You can see some photos at our Facebook page.



"Get to know the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Coast with Security and Privacy."

55 13 99104 0185

55 13 99104 0185
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